Bringing Earth Observation insights to decision-makers

Imageryst uses machine learning and AI to process your drone and satellite imagery and deliver geospatial insights straight to your application. 

our platform

Locate objects hidden in your images automatically & accurately

1 Identify your elements

Select the asset that you want to identify and the attribute you want to extract from it

2 Select when and where

Apply the filters (time and area) and select or upload the best image for your use case.

3 Embed and share

Embed or shared the data results in your own or thirdparty application

  • Satellite imagery, AIS data, weather and much more.
  • Powerful analytics for industries from natural resources to urban planning.
  • A full-services tasking and ordering process for imagery from top EO data providers.

top use cases

Our top use cases

Imageryst is specially designed for users to extract accurate and reliable geospatial data from satellite imagery processing and put it to good use to make better business decisions.



Monitor the status of your grids and networks. Identify high-performance areas.

Urban monitoring and planning

Urban monitoring and planning

Identify, monitor, and improve your urban elements such as furniture, green spaces and illegal constructions.



Plan and monitor constructions, assets, scenarios, earthworks, excavations and much more.

Natural resources

Natural resources

Perform smart natural resources management and understand the impact of climate change.

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What our customers say

Hear from happy customers who are using Imageryst for easy access to satellite and drone geospatial data.

Imageryst allows us advanced management of vegetation adjacent to power lines. Identifying tree species or calculating tree height are now a reality thanks to this solution, which is also capable of estimating the potential growth of the tree mass.

Enrique Menéndez – Responsable de proyectos de innovación

With Imageryst we’ve able to know the radiation in every rooftop in Spain. This allows us to speed up our commercial process and give our customers a better service.

Jorge Baez – CTO


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