Satellite data boost
for startups

Gain access to high-quality satellite data to enhance your innovative products and services, empowering your startup’s growth and development.

Program Benefits

Startups selected for the program will enjoy the following benefits:

Special discounts
Special discounts

For Platform/API usage
Up to 35% off

Full access
Full access

To High-Quality Satellite Data


Collaboration Opportunities

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the program, startups must meet the following criteria:

1) Investment Limit: Max $3M
2) Enrollment: In recognized accelerator
3) Focus: Not primarily on satellite processing
4) Visibility: Accept to display the Imageryst’s logo as a satellite data provider


What type of satellite data does Imageryst offer on its platform?

Imageryst provides a wide range of satellite data, including high-resolution imagery in various spectral bands and LiDAR data, among others.

How can I apply to the Satellite Data Insertion Program for Startups?

You can apply to the program by completing the application form on our website. Make sure to meet the eligibility criteria and provide the required information about your startup and your product or service.

What does it mean that my primary business should not be satellite image processing?

This means that while your startup may use satellite data as part of your product or service, satellite image processing should not be the main focus of your business. We are looking for startups with innovative approaches in different areas that can benefit from satellite data use.

How are startup discounts applied to Imageryst’s platform/API usage?

Discounts will be automatically applied based on the year of participation in the program. During the first year, a 35% discount will be applied, followed by 20% in the second year and a 10% discount from the third year onward. It is important to note that these discounts are only applicable for annual licenses.

What are the advantages of using satellite data in my product or service?

Satellite data can provide valuable insights about the Earth’s surface, including changes in land use, environmental conditions, and vegetation analysis, among others. Integrating satellite data into your product or service can improve its accuracy and effectiveness, as well as offer new perspectives to your users.

What type of technical support does Imageryst offer to participating startups?

Imageryst provides technical support and specialized guidance to participating startups, including assistance with satellite data integration, optimization of its usage, and resolution of technical issues.

Are there collaboration opportunities with Imageryst beyond the satellite data insertion program?

Yes, we are open to exploring collaboration opportunities with participating startups in joint projects, research, and development, as well as other forms of collaboration that may arise. We are committed to building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

Can payment for platform/API usage be annual or monthly?

Yes, we offer flexibility in payment terms. Startups can choose to pay annually or monthly, depending on their needs and preferences.

Physical Address​
Physical Address​

 Oviedo, Spain

Phone Numbers
Phone Numbers

+34 652 555 117