Imageryst attending SSSIF2022

The third edition of Spanish Small Satellites International Forum (SSSIF 2022), a key international workshop that brings together all the agents of the sector, such as designers, technicians, scientists, suppliers, developers and launchers, opened its doors last Wednesday and until Friday in Málaga.

SSSIF provided a unique opportunity to network and learn about the current status and future trends of the small satellite industry.

World leaders in the sector present the latest advances in small satellite and space technology, research and development.

At the forum, the latest space projects and technological developments selected by the SSSIF Scientific and Technical Committee are offered in the form of short interactive presentations.

Corporations, institutions, R&D centers, universities and organizations in the space sector will publish their studies, ideas and projects online.

Main takeaways of SSSIF2022

During the congress, a lot of topics where covered by well-known companies like NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus or Indra, and educational institutions like Morehead State University, the University of Vigo, or the University of Catalunya.

Industry experts were in charge of offering up-to-date and quality content so that attendees from all kinds of sectors could catch up on:

  • Latest trends in the manufacture of satellites and nano satellites focused on different uses such as telecommunications or earth observation.
  • Difficulties, obstacles and problems in organizing the launch of new satellites and the structuring of constellations in space.
  • We were able to learn from real projects that have been carried out by public institutions
  • The need to have planning, not only for the launch of new satellites, but also for the collection of obsolete satellites.
  • The rise of telecommunications to make connection accessible in less well-connected areas of the earth.

Indra Challenge

Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, stated at the SSSIF as a main sponsor.

During the space congress held in Málaga, Indra argued the need to address the transformation of Spanish new space companies and endow them with industrial production capabilities so as to undertake the manufacture and recurrent renewal of the constellations that the company will deploy in the country in the future every three to five years.

It has been a pleasure for us to have been able to attend this great event and learn about the trends of a sector that not only provides Imageryst with satellite images, but also allows its portfolio of services to be extended to automated extraction of data from them.

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