Imageryst’s first anniversary: A year of innovation

As Imageryst celebrates its first anniversary in January 2024, we reflect on a transformative journey of innovation, recognition, and dynamic growth.

Our mission to democratize access to geolocated data through satellite imagery analysis resonated across diverse sectors, earning Imageryst recognition and expanding use cases.

A sincere recognition to our visionary founders, Angela del Carmen (CEO), and Jose Crespo (CTO), for leading our growing team with unwavering motivation, and pushing us towards new horizons and challenges every day.

Also, we celebrate that we close this first year with 6 dynamic team members! All motivated by technology and innovation, including entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists, and strategists, who have played a key role in our achievements.

🎤A few words from our founders:

Ángela del Carmen shares, “We envisioned Imageryst as a catalyst to democratize access to geolocated data. We wanted staff in any sector to be able to make informed decisions using satellite imagery data, breaking any technical barriers, and improving internal processes from sales to performance monitoring.”

José Crespo adds: “The proliferation of new satellites, with better resolutions, longer revisit times, and more affordable prices, is transforming decision-making. This space revolution is redefining data analysis standards and providing companies an unprecedented competitive advantage. Imageryst aims to bring this revolution closer to any non-technical user.”

🏆Notable achievements:

  1. Recognized among the Top 15 AI Startups to Watch in 2024 by El Referente.
  2. Among the 7 finalists of the SpaceTech Startup Competition at the SouthSummit23
  3. Achieving the EIBT seal – a significant milestone recognizing us as an Innovative Technology-Based Company.
  4. Radar Awards finalists, standing among 22 outstanding companies in the Technology-Based category.
  5. Selected as one of the 🏆 Top 50 companies for the VDS | Valencia Digital Summit international #startup competition

🌟 Dynamic presence at key events in 2023:

Embarking on a journey across diverse high-profile events in 2023, Imageryst’s dynamic presence showcased our commitment to innovation and technology.

  • South Summit (Madrid 2023)
  • Valencia Digital Summit (VDS) 2023
  • Norte Renovables. Salón de las Energías, Asturias
  • by enerTIC
  • Madrid Tech Show 2023
  • Web Summit Lisboa 2023
  • South Summit Industry & Energy Bilbao 2023

We have also gone through acceleration programs such as SeedRocket and La Nave.

This journey affirmed our dedication to shaping the future of technology and facilitated valuable connections and insights. Stay tuned for highlights from these events and more updates as Imageryst continues to lead the way in Earth Observation technology!

🌐 Looking forward:

Imageryst is preparing for an exciting future after a fantastic year. We plan to expand our project into a complete data mining solution and become a global player providing user-friendly geospatial information for businesses.

Many thanks to our amazing team, customers, partners, and friends for their continued support! 🛰️💡

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