Neoenergía: Ensuring the correct maintenance of the power lines in Brazil

About Neoenergía

Neoenergia by Iberdrola, is a Brazilian electric utility company that operates in the generation, transmission, distribution, and commercialization of electric energy. It is one of the largest private electricity companies in Brazil and has a significant presence in the country’s energy sector.

Neoenergia was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company operates in several states across Brazil, including Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, and São Paulo. It has a diversified portfolio of energy assets, including hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, and solar energy projects.

As a vertically integrated company, Neoenergia is involved in the entire energy value chain. It generates electricity through its power plants, transmits it through its transmission lines, and distributes it to end consumers through its distribution networks. The company also participates in energy trading and commercialization activities.

In summary, Neoenergia is a major Brazilian electric utility company engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution, and commercialization of electric energy, with a focus on sustainable development and renewable energy sources.


As a utility company operating in very large territories, Neoenergía had two very specific needs:

  1. Detect and monitor the growth of certain types of vegetation near power lines, mainly sugarcane in Pernambuco (Brazil) The growth of this vegetation and the controlled burning of it interfered with the proper functioning of the power lines, and therefore with the power supply.
  2. The different peculiarities of the terrain, such as unevenness, swampy areas, or protected areas, make access difficult for their maintenance, so they needed to know what they were going to find.

“Thanks to Imageryst we are able to monitor the maintenance of vegetation close to the power lines and understand the accessibility of the area.”

Alberto Hélio Cavalcanti Guerra, Governança e Segurança da Informação at Neoenergía.


Imageryst, the satellite image processing system, offered Neoenergía the perfect solution to obtain real, precise and reliable terrain information without the need to travel on-site, thus saving costs and time more.

On the one hand, to monitor vegetation near power lines, Imageryst processed satellite images of 500m of power lines each week in order to provide information on:

  • Vegetation typology
  • Vegetation health
  • Risk forecast

On the other hand, to help Neoenergía to know the accessibility of the land to carry out repairs or proper maintenance, Imageryst offered information on:

  • Swampy areas
  • Topographic information (altitude, inclination, unevenness, etc.)

With all this information, Neoenergía is able to identify the main risks in the burning of certain vegetation and the accessibility of the land in an easy and simple way without the need for satellite image processing knowledge.

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